Sample Questions

Here are some examples of questions submitted by the users using Ask an Immigration Attorney Service.

Sample Questions via Phone

I am currently on F1 Stem OPT (XYZ Engineering) as it is expiring (July - 2020).

I enrolled in my second Master's in Computer Science at XYZ University and I got an email recently which states that my visa is Revoked. Could you please help me?

Sample Questions via Email

I am currently working with company A and my H1B have validity until 2022. I got a new job offer from Company B. My H1B transfer is approved.

Now Company B is asking me to join the company on or before 10-May-2020, which is within 60 days of the approval notice date. Do we have any rules like that?

I am still working in my current employer and not resigned. I heard about 60 days grace period rule but not anything like this. Please let me know if there any rule like this

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